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I AM that I AM

Three weeks ago we discussed the psychological components of the masks and costumes we wear that keep us out of touch with the Authentic Self. This week we will discuss the Authentic Self as a spiritual entity with greater power than that of the ego or false self. We attribute a lot of power to the ego, even giving it the supernatural power of “the devil that made me do it.” But the truth is even more impossible than that! The ego is meant to be a negotiator between the external and the internal. What happens too often is that instead, it becomes an identity—or a mask and costume. But, can it really be true that a mask and costume could be more powerful than the Authenticity hidden beneath it? And yet, we give it the reigns, without noticing the number of times we say things like, “I was out of control,” “I just couldn’t help it,” “I had no choice,” and “It just happened.” Listen to this show and learn of the truly profound power that is actually yours every single day.

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Restoring Your Soul

Andrea Mathews is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, a Counseling Supervisor and an Approved Provider of Continuing Education Credits for Counselors, a Reiki Master and an astrological counselor, trained in metaphysical pastoral counseling, whose primary intent is to assist others in becoming aware of and living the Authentic Self. She is the author of “Restoring My Soul: A Workbook for Finding and Living the Authentic Self” a book that allows the reader to experience authenticity by working through the exercises right there on the pages. Using story, metaphor, poetry, art, the work of changing beliefs and learning to utilize the messages inherent in the emotions and body, the work of restoring the soul brings individuals to an entirely new paradigm for the Self. With this show your host intends to help listeners understand and exercise that new paradigm and to experience life as the challenge of joy and peace. Don’t miss this “how to” show!

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The Nature of the Soul, with Neal Donald Walsch

In the past 12 years Neale Donald Walsch has impacted spiritual evolution worldwide with an amazing and lengthy public Conversation with God. Through that process, one which has included at least 23 books, and several video and audio programs, he has set the spiritual world on fire. But Walsch is not without his own personal trials, including a fire that destroyed all of his belongings, the break-up of his marriage, a car accident that left him with a broken neck, and finally a period of homelessness and near starvation. Yet an openness to experience and an authentic search brought Walsch to his own personal and profound awakening, which has served to raise the consciousness of and even disturb the rest of the world.

Andrea will interview Walsch on this week’s Authentic Living episode, to discuss the journey to authenticity that is the very nature of the soul. Don’t miss it!