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Minefields To Avoid In The Executive-To-Entrepreneur Career Change – Purple Clover

In my business advice piece for Purple Clover, I cover 3 behaviors and beliefs to avoid if you’re making the executive-to-entrepreneur transition. If you find yourself thinking or doing any of this, you may have some bad corporate habits:

  1. Sales is someone else’s job — as an entrepreneur, sales is now your number one job
  2. I can just call the help desk — be prepared to do more grunt work than you realized, and that probably includes changing the toner!
  3. Let’s expense it — every expense is now your investment. Before you spend, calculate your return and mind your cash flow

Read the full article for more details about each of these and my recommendations for what to do instead at Purple Clover: How To Be A More Nimble Entrepreneur.

I’m a corporate refugee-turned-entrepreneur, and I know I had some bad habits to break. What are some of yours? What is your best tip for the traditionally employed who want to launch a business?