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Good or Ego (or is that Evil?)

Somewhere along the way, those of us in the New Thought world—who don’t really believe in a devil or “his” purposes—transposed the face of that demonic force onto the ego. The ego is now considered to be the enemy—one that can possess us. When we are so possessed—it is thought—we think and feel so-called “negative” thoughts and feelings, and we act out negative behaviors. So, it seems we’ve changed the language a bit, but it’s still the same old scenario. And this evil force is not now, as it once was, projected out onto an external super-entity called the devil or Satan, but it is now living inside of us. Well, we’ve already talked about how the ego is really just a liaison between the inner and outer worlds, but now, what we need to talk about is what is really inside of us. What is the range of our existence? What can we do with those difficult parts of ourselves that seem to grab hold of us and refuse to let go until we behave out of them? Don’t miss this one.