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Exceptional Advice for College Students

College students MUST learn how to network in exceptional ways and here are the best ways to do that:

1. Differentiate yourself by researching anyone you meet before you meet them – that includes professors, representatives from ANY company that comes on campus, interviewers, speakers, and people at career fairs. Career fairs are happening right now on campuses across the country. You may get the names of the companies coming to career fairs, but you rarely will get the names. When you do find out their names, usually the day of the fair, look them up on linkedin & mention someone about their backgrounds. You’ll probably be the only one who does!

2. There are 4 steps to networking: 1 – research, 2 – approach, 3 – follow up, 4 – request. Only after you go through steps 1, 2, 3 a couple of times, do you EVER ask for something. Impress them in every other way. Here is a secret – they all KNOW you want a job. Don’t ask for it. Instead, give them something they are interested in. GIVE, GIVE, GIVE and you will get a job. Giving … what a concept!

3. Best networking questions to ask someone you never met before: 1 – what do you like most about what you do?, 2 – what was your best day? These questions will get them talking which will get you listening (hopefully!) and then you can follow up.