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Close To A Job Offer? How To Blow It – Purple Clover

In my job search post for Purple Clover, I talk about how to blow an imminent job offer. Don’t take anything for granted, even if you’ve been on multiple rounds of interviews, even if they imply that a job offer is coming. It really isn’t over till it’s over. Here are 3 common reasons that an imminent offer falls through in the late stages of an interview process and what to do instead:

You hesitate — and employers sense hesitation like sharks sense blood in the water;

You hit the wall — and job search is a marathon;

You are forgotten — because employers are looking at multiple candidates and have bright, shiny object fixation like all of us do!

Read the full article on Purple Clover: How To Blow An Imminent Job Offer.

Have you been to the final stages of a job search only to not get an offer? What happened? Did you fall for any of the above 3 traps?