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Career Coaching Questions Answered On Reference Checks, Ageism, Getting Passed Over, Peak Performance, and Job Search For Stretch Roles

In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, I answered questions on Reference Checks, Ageism, Getting Passed Over, Peak Performance, and Job Search For Stretch Roles:

Melissa asks: When applying for a new position in the same field and they call for references and my boss says I left for a totally different reason then what I did leave for, what do I do/say?

Mary Anna asks: I am in my 50′s but you’d never know it…. I have enjoyed positive responses to my resume and in many cases end up in the “top 2″ candidates, only to not be selected for the position…. In most cases I am told that I am “overqualified”.  I also do my research and have found that I have lost the position to someone many years younger, usually 20-30 years. How does an established career person overcome the stigma of competing with men and women younger than their children?

Mary Anna asks:  I have been identified as the “go to” person in my company for anything and everything….If anyone is stuck on a project, needs help with creative or business writing, can’t figure out a creative approach to a marketing or PR dilemma, my boss directs them to go to me, then instructs me to “get it done”. I “fix” for my co-workers on a daily basis, watch everyone get promotions and large raises while I remain at my low level and only get the standard annual raise. How do I overcome doing work for others, solving their problems with success and sit back while they are acknowledged for their grand accomplishments and awarded by higher compensation?

Karen asks: what are some tips to perform best under pressure and be my best advocate to get ahead in my career

Rim asks:  I have already gone through the 1st round of HR interviews. I am due to go on the second round of interviews to meet the CMO. I am competing with strong marketing professionals. I’ve made it clear to the HR person that despite my Marketing MBA,  the planning and product strategy knowledge would have to be learned on the job. She seemed confident that I’d be able to do it. I was honestly not confident that I’d make it to the second round. Yet, the CMO wants to meet me. I asked the HR person why I made the cut; she responded that it was because of my interpersonal skills. I definitely want the job!!! But the question is “how do you ace the interview” while knowing upfront that one does not have and can not “fake” the hard core technical competences they are seeking. I am also sure that the CMO will ask me the dreaded question i.e. ” Why should I pick you over the other candidates?”