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4 Surprising Ways HR Can Help You – CBS Moneywatch

I am quoted in Amy Levin-Epstein’s career advice piece for CBS Moneywatch on 4 surprising ways HR can help you:

Help care for your loved ones. If you’re spending time trying to find affordable child-care or elder care, that takes you away from your responsibilities at work, notes Caroline Ceniza-Levine, partner with SixFigureStart, a career consulting firm. “Many companies offer Employee Assistance Program services,” says Ceniza-Levine. “These are hotlines staffed by service representatives who can help you navigate different types of wellness and work/life offerings. These offerings may be things you pay for out-of-pocket, but the EAP can help with recommendations and research.”…

Help you with a conflict early on. Most of the time, HR gets involved when an issue between boss and direct report can’t be resolved between the two parties. “HR can help you brainstorm advice [without] escalating an issue to a formal complain,” says Ceniza-Levine. The key here is developing a professional friendship with an HR member beforehand, and asking them for their take in a casual way. “This is more effective than always trying to figure things out on your own or waiting till there is an issue that you want to formally bring to HR.”

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