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What To Do When You Are More Qualified Than Your Boss

I was recently interviewed by Forbes on what to do when you are more qualified than your boss. It actually happens more than you think. Companies need leaders and leaders grow through diverse experiences. So people are often “dropped” into growth roles to learn and to lead and they end up managing “subject matter experts” who have more knowledge and experience in a particular field.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with you and sometimes it has everything to do with you. More often than not, someone has been noticed by senior management, and they are given the opportunity to learn, grow and manage. But think about it … why weren’t you noticed? Are you not networking enough? Are you working hard and keeping your head too close to the desk, when you should be meeting with others and expanding your network?

What are employees to do if they find themselves in this situation? 1 – Make it a win-win. Help the person succeed and you will be seen as a team player. 2 – Continue to grow yourself by getting a certification, taking a class, or even getting an advanced degree in your field. 3 – Think of a stretch assignment of your own. 4 – Find a mentor and ask for their objective advice.

Things not to do include complaining and or gossiping about your boss. Nothing good results from that! Read more in the Forbes article: