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No Brand Names on Your Resume? Establish Credibility 3 Ways – Work Reimagined

In my job search advice piece for Life Reimagined for Work, I share strategies for job seekers who don’t have a Fortune 500 employer or Ivy League degree on their resume. You can still establish instant credibility for readers who skim your resume with these 3 techniques:

Fortune 500 companies, top-tier universities and other household names are instant credibility boosters on your resume — such places are presumably selective, brand names are often associated with great developmental opportunity, they’re instantly recognizable so your resume will seem familiar and easier to understand quickly – a crucial advantage when employers spend just seconds on each one. So what can you do if you didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school or work at a Fortune 500?

Burnish the names you do have. One of my international clients who relocated to the U.S. hailed from a small country unlikely to host any Global 500 companies. But she held a senior role at the largest company in its industry, a subsidiary of a well-known global holding company. Adding that brief description after the company name (i.e., Largest INDUSTRY company in COUNTRY and subsidiary of CORPORATION) enables the resume reader to quickly understand the scope and scale of your responsibilities and accomplishments.

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