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How To Double Your Salary – Purple Clover

In my career negotiation post for Purple Clover, I share the real-life example of a professional who doubled his salary in one career move:

H.S. was in operations analysis for a leading consumer products company based in the South when he was tapped for a business strategy role for a leading pharmaceuticals company based in the Northeast. I was the recruiter on this almost-two-year search, so what a relief when we finally found him! Not only did he fit from a skills and personality perspective, but he was affordable in a competitive market.

In fact, he was currently making 50% ($60K) of what the employer had budgeted for this role ($120K), so the starting offer would have been more than enough to make relocating worthwhile. The employer started with an offer of $90K — in their eyes, a 50% raise would be a big leap for H.S. and still provide some savings for them. Instead, H.S. brought them all the way back up to $120K and still made everyone feel good about it. Here’s what he did right:

Do your research

In fact, H.S. researched both market data and company culture. From the market data, he was able to get salary information specific to big pharma and the tri-state area. CPG and the South are lower benchmarks. From the company research, especially speaking with current and former hires of this specific employer, he uncovered a lot of back and forth in negotiating salaries. He knew to expect a negotiation and not to accept the first salvo.

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