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What if I?

So, you are going through life making choices all day every day. But have you ever tried to discover all of the myriad “What ifs” plaguing your backroom brain-committee meetings? Well today, author Betsy Thompson is here to help us both discover and come to terms with some of these what ifs. Betsy is the author of recently released “What Happens if I?” as well as,Walking Through Illusion, The Mirror Theory, LoveParent, LoveHuman, and You Are What You Think so Make Your Thoughts Delicious. Betsy’s interesting twist on how life works forces us to ask and answer such questions as, “What if I do what I love but the money doesn’t come?” She does this in order to help us make our actions and reactions work for instead of against us. The search for truth means sometimes asking the hard questions. Today, along with announcing Oprah’s next Super Soul Sunday show with a special encore presentation of her interview with Gary Zukav, we are going to be asking and answering those questions.