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The Transformative Power of Anger

Anger is a much despised emotion, considered by most to bring us all too close to the edge of that precipice over which we dare not fall, lest we have to consider ourselves to be bad or even evil people. For most religions, anger itself is thought of as a sin. Many New Age or even New Thought practitioners tell us of the dangers of being angry—dangers that range anywhere from anger’s power to make us operate from the “lower” self or the “ego,” to its supposed power to attract so-called “negative” people and events into our lives. We fear our anger. We are ashamed of our anger. Therefore, we suppress our anger so that it is left to leak out unconsciously through health problems, passive/aggressive or even aggressive behaviors. But what if all of these years we’ve been pushing away one of our most important transformative powers? Tune in this week to find out how anger can become a transformative force in your life.