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Ten Career Lessons From ‘Extreme Couponing’ – Purple Clover

In my career advice post for Purple Clover, I talk about how extreme couponers can teach all of us valuable career lessons:

My 11-year-old added TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” to my queue because she knew I liked business and money shows. Extreme couponers shave over 90% (in some cases 100%) off their grocery bill, earning thousands of dollars per year in free products. I would never have thought to watch this, but half a dozen episodes later, I’m hooked and seeing amazing real-life examples of key career strategies at play. Do you apply these ten good habits to your career?

Invest time. Extreme couponers spend 30-60 hours per week on research, clipping and shopping. This is not about leisurely perusing the Sunday paper before your weekly shopping trip. It is not just a hobby, but the equivalent of a job. If you want to turn a passion to a paying job or reach the upper echelons of your job, you need to invest the time. How much time are you spending to hone your craft?

Invest money. Extreme couponers subscribe to multiple newspapers. Some have multiple computers in order to take advantage of online coupons and bypass the maximum print-out per computer. These expenditures are a necessary investment in order to do their job. Professional memberships, conferences and classes might be the equivalent for your career. Do you know what you need and are you willing to invest the money?

Get support. Extreme couponers learn from their peers via online forums that post tips and strategies. Social networks, professional groups or even a single accountability partner can give you the support to take care of your career despite the busyness of the day-to-day. Are you taking advantage of your community to support your career goals?

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