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How to Be Great

I’ve just read an amazing book by Alan Fine: You ALREADY know how to be GREAT and it is a must read! Why? Because we have all heard about the things we should do to raise our game: how to eat right, exercise, manage our time better, manage our projects better, network … but for some reason, the vast majority of us do not do them.

Alan Fine wants you to focus, which gets rid of the interference that prevents us from improving our performance. Here is my example of how I used his advice to eliminate my interference.

Last week, I attended a conference to learn how to sell more of my services to corporates. One of the excursions planned by the conference leaders including driving electronic race cars (up to 40 mph) around a race course filled with twists & turns. I was going so fast, and the turns were so tight, and there were cars all around me, that I had to focus my energy 100% to not crash and to win the race.

I had no room for negative self talk that demolishes my confidence. I had no room for doubts about what I did or didn’t do the day before. By the time I got out of my car, took my helmet off, I had a huge smile on my face & had the time of my life. I was relaxed and couldn’t wait to go again. And … happy to say I finished in 2nd place :)

Since I freed up the negative space in my brain, I was free to focus, excel and finish in the top 3 of the race, and later brainstorm about how to achieve my goal of more corporate sales.

Treat yourself to this amazing book! Your boss and your company and your paycheck will thank you!