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Why do we suffer?

Part of the problem with our concept of heaven, and one of the primary reasons why we don’t live in heaven right now on planet earth, is because we suffer. The Buddha told us that we suffer because we are attached to things, people, places, circumstances, etc. That if we could relinquish attachment we would no longer suffer. Some resent that idea because it seems to give the gods of fortune their way—and why should they rather than us? After all, why shouldn’t we have what we want and need? In answer to that question, proponents of the law of attraction say that if we can suspend so-called “negative” thoughts we can win over the gods of fortune. Which is true? Why do we suffer? And is it really possible to stop suffering on this side of heaven? Today we are going to give a considered answer to that question. And then we are going to hear another clip from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday in which she interviews Grammy-Award Winner India Arie on spiritual awakening. Don’t miss it.