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What I Know Now About Business That I Wish I Knew Then – Kathy Sciere TV

I was excited to be interviewed by my friend and coaching colleague Kathy Sciere for her business advice broadcast. I share the five things that in hindsight I feel had the most impact on getting our business to multiple six-figures:


Bonus networking tip #1: I met Kathy when she was working with an organization that Connie and I were collaborating with. We stayed in touch even after she left. Several years after we met, Kathy and I are able to collaborate again for this story. It pays to stay in touch!

Bonus networking tip #2: Connie and I were at this organization in the first place because of a contact Connie had there from 15 years ago. It pays to stay in touch over the long-term!

What do you know now about business that you wish you knew when you launched?

PS. I share more detail about each of these in my free audio: 5 Strategies to Grow Your Business to 6-Figures.