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5 Social Media Mistakes Even Smart People Make

In my latest career advice post for Life Reimagined At Work, I highlight 5 social media mistakes even smart people make:

As an experienced professional, you’re wise enough to have an appropriate photo on your social networks and to guard your private data. But you’re probably still making some mistakes or at least not taking full advantage of social media for your job search and career management. Here are five things you should be doing that even seasoned workers overlook:

Control Your LinkedIn Settings

You can turn your activity notifications on and off and also control who sees them. When you’re editing your profile, turn your notifications off so you’re not contacting your network multiple times in a short period. You can also control whether people know you are viewing profiles. Say you’re a small business consultant researching your competition and you don’t want them to know you are looking at their profiles. You can change your settings to Anonymous or a generic title.

Check Your Social Network Settings on a Regular Basis

Not only should you manage your settings when you are active, but you need to check them on a regular basis because social networks are always evolving their offerings. Privacy settings change, and your account may no longer be as secure. Features might be added or taken away. If you don’t set a reminder to check your settings (I recommend quarterly; annually at a bare minimum), you are not maximizing your profiles.

Interact Regularly

On LinkedIn, you can post a status update that is broadcast to your community. When you update your profile (unless you change your activity notifications), this is also broadcast. Think strategically about what you want to communicate. On the flip side, remember that interaction is a two-way dialogue. Read what others are contributing.

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