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5 Job Search Tips For Summer – Life Reimagined At Work

My job search advice post for Life Reimagined At Work focuses on job search in the summer because hiring does NOT stop in the summer!

Make no mistake: people do get hired in the summer. As a job seeker, this means that the summer is not an excuse to take three months off from your search. In fact, if you continue to look while others may not be, you get a jump-start on your competition. Nonetheless, you need to adjust your tactics to account for the different pace and temperament that summer brings. Try these 5 tips.

Use vacations to reinvigorate your networking. You don’t want every contact to be about your job search. During the summer, ask about other people’s vacations. Offer up your own plans – this forces you to actually take a rest and to do something interesting enough to talk about. When you engage people on a personal level it often circles back to professional talk. You might find that leading with vacation talk — yours or theirs — enables you to connect with people who are not as responsive other times of the year.

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Book those otherwise hard-to-get meetings. If you haven’t been able to schedule that informational meeting, try again during the summer months, when it’s easier to get meetings  because the work pace is calmer and people are in a better mood. Remember to include people you might have seen just a few months ago – business conditions change.

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