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Turn a Temporary Gig To a Permanent Job

In my latest career advice post for Work Reimagined, I share 3 tips for converting a temporary assignment to a permanent job:

A short-term assignment offers great advantages for landing something long-term: you get a foot in the door to show what you can do; you learn about the organization to better position yourself for other opportunities; you experience the culture firsthand and make deeper connections. Moving from short-term to permanent won’t happen on its own, even if you do a great job, offer great value, and foster great relationships. You need to focus on converting to full-time. Here’s how.

Determine if there is need and desire for a permanent hire. Sure, the company wants to get the work done. But do they need a permanent hire to do this? Find out whether the work you are doing will recur. Confirm that the role is substantive and steady enough to merit a single person dedicated to it (if the role varies, it may be better to hire a series of different temps). Only when you are sure there’s a business advantage to a permanent hire should you lobby for the job. If you can’t make a business case, it’s better to do a great job in the temporary role and look for opportunities elsewhere in the company. Your effectiveness as a temp still counts: Your good performance in one area makes you a known quantity, reducing the hiring risk to the company.

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