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The Supermind

Not only are we going to get to hear another clip from Oprah’s 2-part SuperSoul Sunday interview with Maya Angelou today, but we are going to answer one of the pressing questions asked by today’s seeker: How do we move from the personal mind to higher mind? Oprah tells us that it’s not enough to know that you should do a thing, you must also know how to do it. Well today is a “how to” kind of day. Here today to answer our question is Psychiatrist, Dr. Maurie Pressman, author of Living the SuperMind. He tells us that the Supermind is the highest level of mind—the mind beyond the mind—that carries the power of love, health, wisdom and intelligence, through which we can make decisions, access talents, growth, healing and inner knowing. One of the early pioneers in both visualization and hypnosis whose work changed the focus of Olympic sports training around the world, Dr. Pressman moved on from there to studies of the higher mind. So you are not going to want to miss this one.