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Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday and The Medial Path

This week, the Authentic Living Show exclusively announces Oprah’s new Supersoul Sunday series, beginning with Mother’s Day and her interview with Maya Angelou. Listen for clips of that show on Authentic Living this week. And this week, we’ll also be talking about how we walk in this world and still maintain our walk in the world of the soul? How can we deal with issues of survival, relationships, work, finances, health, politics, war, etc., while simultaneously living in the world of stillness, joy, emptiness and peace? Some say that we should simply stop listening, watching, reading the news. We should just tell ourselves that this world is an illusion and the only real is the world of the soul. That way we can continue to suppress all of our so-called “negative thoughts.” But more and more people are finding that that way of living amounts to a lot of pretending and a lot of repression. So, how can we live the medial life between worlds? Tune into today’s show and find out.