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Naming the Divine?

Don’t miss today’s clip of the upcoming Supersoul Sunday, in which we get the bigger picture on today’s top global headlines from Oprah, Rev. Ed Bacon, Elizabeth Lesser & Mark Nepo. And for our discussion today:
There are many names for the divine including, the Jewish tetragrammaton YHVY; ‘elohiym, ‘el and Jehovah; the Hindu Brahman, the Islamic Allah; the Bahá’í Baha; the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda and others. We seem to have a need to name the divine. Well our guest today, Rabbi Wayne Dosick tells us that none of the names we know from the Bible for God are enough. Rather, he says, the real name of God leads to the revolutionary revelation of both the God of the universe and the inner God of breath and soul. Combining scholarship with the sacred and challenging long-held comfortable beliefs, the Rabbi’s latest book entitled, “The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine” reveals what he calls the real name for God—a name that unites us in a new way. Don’t miss it.