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Inhabiting Heaven NOW

There’s a lot of information “out there” right now about how to lower your stress, raise your joy level, increase your abundance and live from what some call the Higher Self—which of course means that we must do something with the lower self. There’s also other talk that tells us all about what it will be like in heaven after we die. The problem with all of this talk is that we don’t seem to realize that we are already in heaven—we just don’t know it. Heaven is within us—but our trance state of duality keeps us from seeing this—and all the morals and codes for our thoughts, feelings and behaviors only serve to keep us stuck in the trance state. And all of the advice that basically tells us to strive to be a better person only serves the same purpose. So, today, not only will we be playing a clip from Oprah’s next Super Soul Sunday with Brian Weiss, but we’ll be figuring out how to inhabit heaven NOW—all based on Andrea’s upcoming book, entitled “Inhabiting Heaven NOW.”