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How To Land a Job: Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur

In my latest career advice post for Work Reimagined, I talk about how traditional job search advice no longer applies. and how finding a job today entails the same strategies as launching a business:

The line between entrepreneurship and traditional employment is virtually nonexistent in today’s job market. Sure, if you look at capital-intensive businesses where you need office space, heavy equipment, or a large staff, these entrepreneurs take on a financial investment and risk that employees do not. Look at service, knowledge-based professions, though, where many jobs are, and business-building entrepreneurs and job-seeking employees have much in common. In fact, job seekers would be wise to adopt the best entrepreneurial strategies:

Develop a unique brand. Entrepreneurs know they need to market how their offering is unique and valuable. They join trade associations, maintain an active online presence, and have marketing collateral (e.g., brochures, business cards) to showcase their offer. The best entrepreneurs don’t just hang out an advertisement and hope that people buy. They realize that people are inundated with advertising messages. Job seekers need to adopt the same proactive stance to their marketing. Employers are the buyers too, and they’re inundated with unsolicited resumes. You cannot just hang out your resume; you need to network, use social media, and have ready examples of your work. You need to focus on the specific, unique value employers would derive from your offer.

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