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7 Ways to Turn No to Yes In Networking

My latest career coaching post in Work Reimagined deals with the inevitable ups and downs of networking:

Networking is a more effective job search activity than responding to postings or reaching out to recruiters. The tight market means that more and more people are making requests for informational interviews of coffee dates to “catch up,” while the currently employed are working harder than ever, anxious about their own status, and in no mood to accept these requests. But people don’t like to say no, so many times, no response at all is given. As the networker who is reaching out and trying to land these meetings, how can you move past these negative responses? How can you make people receptive to meeting with you? How can you continue networking without getting discouraged? Here are seven suggestions for moving past no in your networking:

Try again. Many people mistake no response for an outright no. Don’t assume that no response means no. Your email might have been trapped in the Spam folder. The person might have thought s/he responded but actually didn’t. Assume that the person wants to respond and try again. Mention that you’re following up and share specifics (Was it an email or call? What date and time?). Know that you might have to try multiple times.

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