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Video Blog – How Do I Look For A New Job In A Different Geography

In this job search Q&A, I answer Glen’s question:  I am relocating from the Southern Plains to the Midwest. How do I look for a new job in my new geography?

Job search that involves relocation is different than your typical job search. Here are 3 strategies if you are adding relocation to your job search:

Make sure you research companies specific to your new geography. This means you have to pick specific cities or at least states — Midwest is too broad. By being specific you can tap into the Chambers of Commerce for your geographic targets, you can join the chapters of professional associations related to your role, and you can look at company lists (Inc 500, Fortune 500) with specific geographies in mind;

Budget time and money to visit your geographic targets. You can do a lot of your job search remotely but there is no substitute for meeting people live. As a former recruiter, I consented to many candidate exploratories of people who traveled to see me — it shows your commitment to the new geography;

Set a firm time period for when you’ll relocate. Employers want to see you’re committed to the new geography and not just interested contingent on getting a job.