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Thomas Moore: A Religion of Your Own

Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, a number one New York Times bestseller, as well as 18 other award-winning books, published in 25 languages, is coming back to the Authentic Living show to tell us how we can develop a religion of our own. We are currently in an evolutionary phase with regard to what we will do with religion. And Moore posits the theory that part of this shift is caused by a loss of identification with soul. His latest book, A Religion of One’s Own, coming out in January 2014, is going to address this issue. Only we are getting a special sneak peek today. Moore as undoubtedly been one of the world’s spiritual leaders in this age of spiritual transitions and his insights have altered the lives of many people and even many medical, hospice and hospital programs as he teaches us to care for the collective and individual soul. So during today’s show, we are going to find out how each of us can create a religion of our own. Don’t miss it.