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Tapping into the River of Omniscience

Have you heard about the river that runs under the city? Yeah. It’s there. It’s a true story. You have to be willing to spelunk down into the darkness to find it, but it carries the whole city. It runs through the dark caverns of shadowed soul and it comes from and leads to the exact same place. Everybody talks about it here. It’s story has been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries—or maybe it’s just another ghost story told by the fire on a camp-out. How can you find out? Well, today we are going to talk about just that. We’re going to learn whether this river of omniscience is the real deal or just a fabled illusion. And if it’s real, we’re going to find out how to find it, and to allow it to flow to and through us. You really don’t want to miss this one.