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Mystic Journey

If we were to set about to deliberately design a path that would bring us to our deepest essential self, could we do any better than the design of the soul on our lives? What does the mysterious journey of living really mean? What fierceness drives us deeper into ourselves? And what do we find there when we arrive? What persistent longing serves to write the poetry of our lives? When does the soul stand outside of us and when is it invited in? Byron Katie asks who we would be without our stories? I wonder who we would be without our codes, rules, morals, shoulds, ought-tos and have tos? It is unsettling to image a life without these guides, but are they really leading us to our deepest essence? So, the pebble has been tossed into the lake and the ripple is running outward—this show will be both the pebble and the ever extending ripple. Don’t miss it.