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A recent study reveals what interviewers find lacking; here’s how to plug those holes

In my job search advice post for Work Reimagined, I look at the Adecco Hiring Survey that shows employers preferring Boomers to Gen Y by a margin of 3:1 and what it means for job seekers:

A survey by recruiting agency, Adecco Staffing, reveals that employers are three times more likely to hire mature workers than Millennials. The surveyed employers cited professionalism and reliability as key advantages.

That’s the good news. Here’s what we need to work on. The top concerns from surveyed employers: 39% cited technology skills, 33% cited resistance to taking direction from younger management, 22% cited unknown long-term commitment, and 21% cited effectively dealing with change. Interestingly, employers cited interview skills as a main shortcoming for both groups of workers, with mature workers needing to improve their ability to sell themselves.

If you’re an experienced professional, this candid feedback provides direction on how to emphasize your perceived advantages and neutralize shortcomings:

Meet Expectations for Professionalism and Reliability Play into this expectation employers cited. Emphasize how colleagues, clients and management have depended on you. Share specifics on how you contributed to getting things done – moving projects to completion, bringing disparate stakeholders together. If you have a lot of transitions or short stints on your resume, this could be jarring to employers, so you want to develop a story for your transitions that doesn’t call into question your personal reliability.

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