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Touchdown! See How This Candidate Landed His Job

I helped someone with their job search a couple of months ago and just found out he landed! Here is the email he sent me with lessons for you embedded throughout. Hope it’s helpful to you!
It feels great to finally have a job. I never thought I would have been out of work for 14+ months with both a Bachelors and Master’s Degree. (lesson: degrees don’t guarantee stress-free careers)

The process actually started in DECEMBER. The company’s name is xxxxx and they are one of the largest insurance brokers in the world. A friend of a friend works for them, in their NJ office. He passed my résumé along to his boss. (lesson: networking is key: let people know your value and that you are looking. They can be your eyes and ears when jobs become available)

They originally wanted me as part of a sales team because they like to have one person on each team with a regulatory background, which I have. So it started with an online test. I passed. Next was a phone interview. I did very well. (lesson: practice, practice, practice your interview skills. Practice pays off!)

Next was a Skype interview. Very different experience but I did very well. (Practice live interviews, practice phone interviews, practice skype interviews) The person I interviewed with via Skype said he didn’t see me for a sales position but wanted me at the company.

He then referred me to someone he works with in the NJ office. I had a face to face interview where I was told that they are reluctant to hire people from Staten Island because whenever they do, due to the commute, they have all quit within 6 months. However, I made a good impression (lesson: always leave people with a good impression, even if it looks like this particular job won’t work out. They will remember you when another job opens where the fit is strong!) and the person I met with said he would do everything he can to get me into the NYC office.

Fast forward about 2 weeks later and I saw a position on the company job board that I felt I would be a good fit for. After applying online, I contacted the person from the NJ office and it turned out a good friend of his was the head of that department. (lesson: keep networking throughout and use your calendar to stay on track so you don’t forget to network and follow up)

First was another phone interview, this time with the people in NYC. Next was a face to face interview. After the interview I hadn’t heard back from them for two weeks. When they finally got back to me, they invited me back for a second interview, this time with the person whose team I would be joining. They apologized for the delay. The person I had to meet with was on vacation. (lesson: stay calm and don’t panic when you don’t hear back)

So I went in for the second interview and knew I nailed it. I clicked with everyone I spoke to and knew I could do this job with no problem. (lesson: every employer wants to know that you can master this job with no problems – every single one. Make sure you convey that!)

Fast forward another two weeks and I didn’t hear anything. I followed up and they told me they had submitted an offer sheet to corporate in my name and they are waiting for approval, which they said should come within 2 weeks. Fast forward ANOTHER two weeks and I still hadn’t heard anything. I followed up again (that was this past Friday) and they said the job was mine, pending corporate approval.

I finally received the call yesterday. My start date is 3/25.

Thank you again for all of your help. I have received nothing but glowing compliments on my revamped résumé. I truly am appreciative and would not be in the position I am in today without your expertise. (lesson: sometimes you need a guide or a coach. Job search is a tough thing when you ‘go it’ alone! If you can’t afford coaching, there are always sources of good and free job search advice out there)

Best Regards,