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Top 5 Companies That Hire Vets and Their Families

Just saw a piece on FOX News which lists the top five companies that want to hire vets & their families. They are:

1. Lowe’s: this company was founded by a Vet and they have 6,000 jobs nationwide
2. United Rentals: this company has over 500 jobs to fill and their website has a “military skills translater” which you have to check out!
3. USAA: all about insurance, banking, finance. They have 3,500 jobs they plan to fill in the next 3 years
4. Direct TV: looking for specialists in logistics, management with jobs all over the country
5. IHG: a huge hotel chain looking for people in operations, sales. IHG is part of the 100,000 jobs mission for vets

For those reading this who are not in the military… go for it as these are solid hiring numbers. Good luck to all! Check out the FoxNews website for more info.