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The Dark

Must we have the dark to see the light? Is that the only purpose of darkness? Must we have the evil to see the good? What is the point? During this show we are going to explore the purpose of life from the perspective of darkness: The silence of the ethers when you are screaming for an answer; death that comes when life is what was wanted; the essential ingredient necessary to evil. These are the things that many who practice the tenets put forth in books like The Secret don’t want to talk about. In fact they tell us not to even have a so-called “negative” thought. But if we never think about the dark, aren’t we keeping the dark in the dark? What if it has beautiful gifts for us too, more beautiful at times, even than those gifts we get from the light. So, today we are going spelunking into the dark, murky, slippery underground caves of life. Get your gear and bring your cameras. You are going to want some good shots of this.