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How To Get Job Interviews At The Right Level

In my latest post for Work Reimagined, I share job search advice to ensure you get called into interviews for the right level job. You don’t want to waste your time or the employer’s time interviewing for roles that are too junior or too senior than what you want to do and where you want to be compensated. Here are 3 strategies to ensure you are attracting the right type of opportunities:

The excitement of getting a job interview is short-lived if the position is not at the level you expected. In a previous post, I talked about strategies for salary negotiation. Here, I’m going to focus on the role itself: what are you responsible for day-to-day; what does the company expect you to accomplish; will you have the autonomy to make decisions; will you have the resources and authority to make things happen. You need to make sure that what you want to accomplish and what you can deliver matches what the company wants to accomplish and how the company perceives you. Here are 3 questions to help ensure you are pursuing roles at the right level:

Does a role at the level you want even exist within your target company? I was working with a senior executive who wanted to move into the non-profit space, and based on what she wanted to contribute and her target salary, she would need to come in as at least the head of a major department, if not the Executive Director. This excluded many of the non-profits in her geographic area because they would be too small to need someone like her. We refined her target company list to focus on size first, looking at both private sector and non-profits, ensuring the possibility of positions at the right level from the start. Had she pursued non-profits in general and attracted their interest, many of the roles would not have been at the right level, and she would have wasted valuable time and energy.

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