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How To Ask Your Boss For Feedback

I’m excited to contribute career advice for Women’s Health in Elizabeth Narins’ latest piece on How To Ask Your Boss For Feedback:

You get in early, stay late, and work your butt off every moment you’re on the clock. But does anybody notice? As it happens, many women ask themselves the very same question: Nearly half of working women feel underappreciated at work, according to the American Psychological Association’s new Work and Well-Being Survey.

In the online survey of 1,501 employed adults, 48 percent of women polled said they feel less valued than their male coworkers. Worse yet, less than half of the women feel they’re paid enough for the work they do, and even fewer receive non-monetary recognition—like kudos from the boss—for their contributions.

Sure, it would be nice to score a raise or a promotion. But getting valuable feedback from your boss and knowing you’re appreciated are also key to job satisfaction, says Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career expert with SixFigureStart. Case-in-point: It’s tough to do your best work when you feel undervalued. Even negative feedback can be a good thing; it helps you recognize the areas in which you may need improvement and opens up channels of communication so you can ask for tips on how to address your weaknesses.

To feel like a VIP and boost your performance, use this approach to solicit constructive feedback from your boss:

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