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Help & Healing

So many of us, who consider ourselves to be more or less spiritual beings; so many of us, who consider ourselves to be Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Taoist, or any other religion, believe that being good means helping and healing others. In fact helping and healing others is a defining characteristic of a good person regardless or religion or spiritual path. What will we do when we really get it that we can’t help or heal anyone? Ever. The concept of reception is a very difficult one for us to accept particularly in the Western world where being “out there,” “doing,” “seeking,” “hunting,” “giving,” “helping,” “healing” are the ways that we prove to ourselves and our worlds that we are worthy. But if worthiness doesn’t really have to be earned, then we can consider the concept of reception. For, what if everything that is truly worthy is received—which means that our giving means only what it means to us, unless the other person chooses to receive it. Don’t miss this one.