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CBS Moneywatch Career Coaching Advice For Getting Noticed At Work

In this career advice piece from Amy Levin-Epstein for CBS Moneywatch, several career coaches, including myself, share tips on how to get the proper recognition in the workplace:

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, partner with the career consulting firm SixFigureStart

“If you are doing a good job but still getting overlooked, then your good works are not getting back to your boss. This is when you’ll also need to ask for a meeting and share the commendation emails or specific achievements you’ve [collected]. Don’t resent your boss for overlooking you — tell him or her exactly what you have accomplished and what you’d like (a raise, a promotion, a stretch assignment). To ensure this doesn’t happen in the future, confirm with your boss how often you can expect feedback and how she or he likes to be updated.”

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