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Career Coaching Questions Answered On Getting More Interviews, Managing A Negative Reference Check and Networking For A Job While Your Current Boss Looks On – Radio Show

In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, we answered questions on getting more interviews, managing a negative reference check and networking for a job while your current boss is in the room!

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Giorgio asks: I am trying to move from being an independent technology consultant to full-time Director/VP level positions.  I have a profile I am comfortable with on LinkedIn and a resume that gets good reviews most of the time (every recruiter has a different take).  I am not getting many interviews and yielding very little from the passive market.  My network connections are a little weak because it consists mainly of consultants, not very many senior executive types.  Any general advice or strategies I could pursue to obtain more interviews?  Is it that for the level of position I am seeking that I must devote more time and energy to the hidden job market at this level? While I am at the top of my game technologically speaking, I am 50 years old and yes age discrimination is out there.

Kiran asks: I am interested in relaunching advice. I have an MBA and 8 years of management consulting experience with my most recent job (two years ago) as a corporate strategist. I am looking to re-enter the workforce, however I am not getting any replies post my sending my resume/cover letter.

Barbara asks: What do you do when internal politics result in your being laid off? Several years ago, I took refuge in another part of my institution after having had a negative experience with an interim manager who was the protegee of the Executive Director. He (the ED) never forgave (or forgot) that I had not worked well with his protegee. Two years into the new (wonderful) situation, my new boss — who was aware of my past experience with the Exec Dir and very supportive of me — was promoted to another part of the company. The Exec Dir immediately started undermining my credibility with colleagues and with my new interim director. He called an audit on my department, insisted I have dual reporting (rather than one manager with a dotted line to another manager); and prepared the incoming director to restructure my department. Now that I have been laid off (with appropriate severance), I continue to worry that the negative PR campaign that was conducted to undermine me will prevent my move to a kindred organization. Is there any way to prepare the hiring manager, where I am a finalist for a search, that if she checks in with certain members of my former organization, she may get negative feedback, but that if she checks in with the references I suggest, she will get excellent feedback. Should I try to address this or should I just hope for the best?

Mitra asks: I am trying to move back to Southern California but don’t want to compromise the position that I am holding. I simply want to do what I am doing but in SoCal!! There is a window of opportunity while I am attending a conference next week to meet a research team from [similar organization to one she is working with now]. They work exactly on the same project and topic that I am at [current employer]. I am asking please advise how to approach them. I will be with my current boss and don’t want things get awkward.

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