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So, we’ve spent the past 2 shows talking about the reality of real life in a dualistic world with its darkness and its blindness. Today we’re focusing on that elusive bliss—evidence for many of enlightenment. Bliss, joy, ecstasy—these largely synonymous terms have not historically been used much in any secular way. Yet, in today’s social world we hear them used to either mock or poke fun at the bliss-seekers, or as a way of describing a fulfilling career. Regardless, most of us think of bliss as a state. A state is a place for the psyche to rest for a while—like taking a vacation in the state of Hawaii. When joy is related to career, if the career is doing what we want it to do, we have joy, and if it isn’t, we don’t. When it’s related to meditation, it’s a state to which we arrive after getting our minds in the right place. But what if bliss is who we actually are? What if bliss is our primordial essence? Don’t miss this show. It could change your life.