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Authentic Power

Taoism teaches that it is the natural in us that is our power. And yet our society teaches that the natural in us is to be feared, for it is wild, untamed energy that will get us and others into heaps of trouble. But as we talk about the differentiated aspects of the psyche, the ego and the soul, what we discover is that that natural self turns out also to be mystically united with the transcendent. As we walk into the deeper regions of the inner human, we discover the transpersonal—which is also quite natural. Yet we’ve divided life up into natural, miracle and supernatural for so many centuries that it is extremely difficult for us to imagine that who we already are, underneath all the fakery, scamming and spamming that we’ve been taught to do to survive, is both natural and divine—a union of opposites. So today we are going to take a journey into the natural world of authentic power and learn what your natural power can do in an unnatural world. Don’t miss it.