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Okay, now that I have your attention—let’s talk about intimacy. Real intimacy—of which sex is but a small, though important, part. Primary relationships—these are those had between a husband and wife, or two partners, whether of the same or opposite sex. Primary relationships work when intimacy is the primary endeavor of the relationship. They work less well or stop working altogether, when intimacy is not the primary endeavor of the relationship. So, what do we mean by intimacy if we don’t just mean sex? Remember the Na’vi in the movie Avatar? They said it well. They said, “I see you.” What they meant was that they really saw the other person. Saw them for who and what they really were. Saw all the way down to their souls. Intimacy allows both parties in a primary relationship to really see each other. How do we learn to see and be seen this way? Do you want a solid relationship that has lastability? Don’t miss this show.