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How do we know Truth?

My mother used to have a saying. She had a lot of those. But one she used to say a lot was: She/he wouldn’t know truth if it flew up and hit her/him in the face. And you know, sometimes she was right. Truth is, as they say, relative. But is it, really? Is there an absolute truth? Or, do we have enough light to just see the truth that is relative to the moment—ready ever to let that go for a higher truth in another moment? Well, if there is an absolute truth, I would say that it runs deeper and goes further than any one religion or tradition can encapsulate. And if that is true, then how do we know when we’ve run into—or been hit in the face by—truth? This show is going to delve into this muddy issue and give it some clarity. But not only that, for it is also going to illustrate some ways that we can know when we’ve been hit by truth. And along that way we’ll discover something about the mystery of knowledge itself. Don’t miss it.