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6 Career Resolutions To Make Right Now

I would have guessed that a gym’s busiest month was January. Everyone makes their New Year resolutions, and most resolutions have a fitness component. However, a recent article in Inc Magazine on Planet Fitness mentioned that its busiest month was…March. (January did come in second). Apparently, it takes a bit for people to get to their resolutions!

So if you haven’t yet finalized your resolutions for 2013, my latest post in Work Reimagined gives 6 ideas for career resolutions to make right now:

You’re a month into 2013. Maybe you didn’t bother to make a list of goals and plans for yourself for the new year–or maybe you did, and you’ve already forgotten them. Whichever is true, consider this your monthly reminder to reset the clock –whether you want a new job, or want to have a more satisfying experience right where you are. You’ve got 11 months to…

  • Prioritize relationship-building

If you have a choice between eating at your desk or with a colleague, pick your colleague. If you have limited time for your job search today, don’t research companies or skim the classifieds; meet someone, make a call, or send a personalized email. Make conscious choices to prioritize activities and situations where you will make, expand or deepen connections. If the idea of networking makes you uncomfortable, think of it as making friends, building relationships, or getting out and about. People hire people, and you need to know more people and get known. As an experienced professional, you’ve met a lot of people over the years, so take advantage of your long, healthy list of contacts to rekindle.

  • Run your numbers

If you feel underpaid or undervalued, what is the going rate for what you do? What compensation, including specific components such as bonus, benefits, and perks, would make you satisfied? If you are unemployed, what does your cash position imply about how long you have for your search? Resolve to collect the data you need to understand your financial picture. As a career coach, the first thing I ask prospective clients about is their goals, but the second thing is timing and urgency, and this boils down to numbers. You need to plan your moves around whatever constraints you have and what resources are available to invest in your goals. In the later stages of life, you have multiple competing, expensive obligations. I have a parent to support, an older child about to enter college, and a retirement account that is still in recovery. My business moves absolutely need to take these commitments into account. Similarly, you need to balance your career decisions with a realistic look at your numbers.

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