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Want More Job Interviews? Follow These 3 Steps

In my latest post for Work Reimagined, I share job search tips on what to do if you’re not getting job interviews:

Here are three common complaints I hear from frustrated job seekers: I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes but I don’t get called in. The interviews I do get are for the wrong positions. I’ve heard that most jobs aren’t even posted, so how am I supposed to find out about them?

If this sounds familiar, take heart. Follow these guidelines to get more job interviews:

Focus on active, not passive channels Applying to a job posting is passive. You essentially cede control of your search to the resume reader. Sure, this is a quick way to job hunt, and you can send out multiple inquiries in a short time. But in this case, more efficient means less effective. In addition, everyone has the same idea so you have more competition when you take this approach.

Networking, on the other hand, is active. You target people who have an interest in what you offer. You craft an engaging message that lets them know you have something of interest. You follow up and manage the relationship, taking an active role in the outcome.

People hire people: 80% of jobs are filled by networking versus 20% via postings. Furthermore, the majority of leads to actual hiring come not from first- or second-degree networking connections (friends and family) but from “weak ties” (third-degree or even more remote connections). As you budget your time for your job search, focus on identifying people in your target career, researching their needs, maintaining connections when you do make contact, asking for helpful information or referrals once the relationship is established, and moving within circles that give you access to the “hidden job market” of positions that aren’t posted.

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