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The Spirit of a New Beginning

We’ve heard of the spirit of Christmas past, present and future. But what is the spirit of a new beginning? What is a new beginning? Here we are just a few weeks into the end of the Mayan calendar—have we begun again? Are their transformative powers at work? And what does it mean to begin a new year, to develop a new habit, to change a way of thinking? How does a beginning happen? Well it happens—or it doesn’t—because of its spirit. There is a spirit base to a true new beginning because it is conducted in and by spirit. Its source isn’t found in our thoughts, our emotions, or our actions. Its source is found in our essence, where all action that is action occurs effortlessly. So, today, at this time of new beginnings, we are going to be talking about that spirit: how we access it and its power to carry a new beginning through to its destination. Don’t miss it.