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Manifest or Man-I-fest

The problem with all of our talk about manifesting, is that we don’t ever consider asking what it is within us that manifests. Jesus once said “I can do nothing of my own initiative.” And yet with all the talk out there about how to manifest, we much more often hear about all the things we should initiate, all of the exercises we can do to elicit from ourselves the essential ingredients to the initiation of manifestation. But what if manifestation is actually conducted by the power of the divine within us—by some shear essence of who we are that is not made of our own initiative. So when it comes to manifesting our dreams, perhaps we need to be thinking about how it is that we get out of the way, how we surrender, to allow the manifestation of the divine to flow through us. And that’s what we are going to be talking about today. At the beginning of this new year, and at the fringes of our new awakening, let’s think about a whole new paradigm for manifestation.