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Got Wings?

Why don’t we have wings? I mean, think about it. We can do just about everything else, but we can’t fly, I mean, not without an airplane. Why not? Well, it could be because we are meant to grow our own set. And the kind of wings I’m talking about are inner-wings. They are the wings that allow us to assume our own empowerment, to fly into the heights of beingness, into the fullness of presence, into the power of transcendence while keeping our feet solidly planted on terra firma. But how do we do it? Well, the truth is that we don’t really grow them—they are already there and fully grown. No, we find them. And once we find them, we can’t help but begin to use them—for they are a refined essence of who we are. Finding our inner wings is the essence of authentic leadership. And it is through authentic leadership that we will change our companies, our businesses, our governments, politics, healthcare and everything else on planet earth. Got wings? Don’t miss this show.