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Don’t Be Too Leisurely About Your Leisure

Laura Vanderkam makes a thought-provoking and compelling claim to not be too leisurely about leisure in her new book, “What The Most Successful People Do On The Weekend.”  A journalist and author, who writes frequently on the subject of time management, Vanderkam shares stories of how people who get a lot done use their weekends.

I especially loved the balance of tips and how-to ideas with the poetic exhortations, as Vanderkam warns that we only have 240 fall weekends or 1,000 Saturdays with our child. It definitely made me want to use each weekend more thoughtfully!

This is not about squeezing in a long list of To Do items either. Vanderkam supports rest and enjoyment, but counters that you can actually get better rest and have more genuine fun when you have planned for it. This encourages you to make more deliberate choices and not waste time scrambling at the last minute.

Full disclosure that Vanderkam quotes one of my life coaching exercises in this book as a way of getting at how to make these better choices. But this book has lots of other expertise to offer and is a great read. For even more time management tips, I also recommend “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think” by Laura Vanderkam.