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Creating Your Life

How do people deliberately create the life they want—without creating it out of the intention of duality? Duality resides within us as a force, an energy to which we’ve given a lot of power. It tells us what to do based on the agenda that we are separate from the divine and each other. So, when we create on purpose, which part of us is creating? Can we just think that we want something and maintain a positive mindset about it and it will come to us? Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman are here today to discuss the concept of creating on purpose, based on their book of the same title. Here you will learn about creating on purpose from the deeper more authentic self. Anodea is the author of several classics on the chakra system, including the bestseller Wheels of Life, Eastern Body, Western Mind, and the award-winning DVD The Illuminated Chakras. Lion is the cofounder of the Luminary Leadership Institute, teaching leaders the principles of manifestation. Don’t miss this illuminating show.