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Career Coaching Questions Answered On Networking, Interviewing, Career Change and More – Radio Show

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In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, we answered questions on networking, interviewing, marketing and more:

Earnestine asks: What do you do when you make a contact with someone you know in an effort to Network, but get no response?

Tricia asks: How do I find a job with a good work-life balance in an industry/profession known for long work hours? And how do you relay in an interview that you are not able to work a 60 hour work week but still are a dedicated, hard working employee?

Lisa asks: Here’s the thing. I can answer interview questions, and I can get a job I don’t want. Of course, at this point, selling myself for a job I don’t want feels like a charade…how can I take my past career as a six-figure business and technology consultant, and start a new career really doing what I love?

Kathy asks: I have 16 years experience …and voluntarily pulled back from full-time employment in 2006 for family reasons…I used the last six years to acquire tech skills, [work on projects]…There are no gaps in employment and I’d like to keep the same career…. How much do I disclose in a cover letter and interview that simultaneously explains all of these departures/transitions and still presents me as a viable, stable and non-litigious candidate, without being negative or evoking sympathy?

Jose asks:  How can I generate more interviews for executive positions (VP or Director level)? I have a very professional resume and cover letter. I use Linkedin premium and the Ladders. I use networking. I have contacted several head hunters.

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